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Septic System Evaluation

When considering whether or not to buy a home, it is a good idea to have the septic system evaluated. An evaluation will tell you whether or not the condition of the tank interior, risers, baffles, pumps and alarms are in good working order.  If they are not, the inspection can tell you what will need to be done to make the system perfect again. An evaluation will also let you know how full the tank is; this will allow you to anticipate having the tank pumped at a future date.

This information may give you additional leverage when negotiating the price of the home. Most importantly, a septic system evaluation will help you become familiar with this vital home system. Per the Wisconsin Realtors Association, home inspectors must be a certified septage operator, a certified POWTS inspector or a licensed master plumber to conduct septic system evaluations for real estate transactions. 

What is included in our septic system evaluations:

  1. Ensure proper operation of system: Tank, baffles, pumps, visible piping

    • Dose testing of drain field if one is present

    • Flow test to ensure there are no flow restrictions

  2. Evaluation of system for sanitary hazards​

    • Waste backing up into the home​

    • Surface discharge

  3. Evaluation of inside of tanks with use of a camera

    • Check Baffles​

    • Tank Condition

    • Dividing Walls

  4. Wastewater tracking

    • Confirm all wastewater is going to the septic and not the surface​

    • If needed, dye testing will be performed

  5. Educate on proper maintenance of system

Northwoods Property Inspections does not perform repairs on septic systems. This means that we have no interest in identifying an issue to obtain repair work. We are independent inspectors conducting a thorough and honest evaluation. We encourage you to attend the evaluation, especially if you are a first time septic owner so we can inform you of the operation, care and maintenance or your septic system. 

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Certified Septic Inspector
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