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Northwoods Property Inspections knows that a home inspection is a vital part of a home purchase. We believe that home inspections can continue during the COVID-19 outbreak when prudent safety precautions are practiced, and when performing the inspection does not conflict with government orders and recommendations.

We are still performing home inspections for our clients, however, we are enacting precautions to do our part in the fight against the COVID-19 Coronavirus spread. We want to protect our clients, realtor partners, home owners, tenants, and our inspectors.


Per the Governor's Emergency Order #12; real estate, appraisal, inspection and title services ARE considered "essential businesses". It is requested that we do our best to avoid in person meetings to the greatest extent possible. During this time we ask that non-essential people do not attend the inspection unless necessary. We know that you, as clients want to attend the inspection, and normally, we highly encourage that, but this is a unique situation and we must follow these orders to help stop the spread. Rest assured that we will continue to provide you with a thorough report and will be more than happy to set up a time with you to review the report over the phone. 

Let’s all do our part, protect ourselves and our loved ones. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns.  715-934-9105

We are following the recommendations of one of our home inspection trade organizations ASHI and the CDC regarding precautions to take during the inspection.

For Buyers and Real Estate Agents:

  • Do not attend the inspection. If you wish to attend, do so only at the end of the inspection.

  • Do not bring children, relatives, contractors, and others to the inspection. Reschedule the inspection if you wish to attend, and if you feel sick, or if you exhibit symptoms of a respiratory illness.

  • Use hand sanitizer before entering and before leaving the home.

  • Touch as few things in the home as possible.

For Sellers:

  • Reschedule the inspection if anyone in the home feels sick, or exhibits symptoms of a respiratory illness.

  • Do not attend the inspection. Make arrangements for children, relatives, and others to be out of the home during the inspection.

  • Wipe bathroom and kitchen fixtures, toilet handles, and doorknobs with a sanitizing wipe before the inspection. Be sure the wipe instructions allow use on the surface.

For Home Inspectors:

  • Reschedule the inspection if you feel sick, or if you exhibit symptoms of a respiratory illness.

  • Bring your own anti-bacterial soap, towel, hand sanitizer, and shoe covers.

  • Use hand sanitizer before entering the home, and wash your hands as recommended before and throughout beginning the inspection.

  • Wear disposable shoe covers when entering the home.

  • Do not shake hands, bump fists, or touch elbows.

  • Avoid touching your face.

  • Wash your hands after inspecting each bathroom and the kitchen.

  • Wipe bathroom and kitchen fixtures and toilet handles with a sanitizing wipe after inspecting these areas. Be sure the wipe instructions allow use on the fixture or handle.

  • Wipe door handle/knob inside and outside the home as you enter and leave the home.